FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How many addresses can I optimize on PlaceMaker?

A:  It depends on the version.

PlaceMaker Free – The free version optimizes addresses when you add them to the list if Auto-Optimization is set to “Auto List Optimization – On” (using the pencil icon in the lower left).  However, the free version uses a very simple algorithm that minimizes the “crow’s flight” distance between the other stops (and not the driving distance).  It optimizes only when adding a stop to the list.

Google Maps Optimization – The Google version uses a Google Maps algorithm to do the optimization, but it only works well for up to 25 stops.

Routific Optimization – Routific will work any number of stops, but is a little slower than Google.

Q: Can I get directions to a stop without rewriting the address?

A: Yes.  If you tap on the square box to the right of a stop (with the car, travel time and distance), it will open a dialog which will let you choose which navigation app (google maps, apple maps, waze, etc.) to open.  You can also set a default and it will automatically launch that app.